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In the Books featuring Maybe This Was the Way It Really Happened: Evee's Story by JadeRowan Restrepo

Posted by CP Bialois on December 26, 2014 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Good afternoon and welcome to this week’s edition of In the Books, featuring Maybe This Was the Way It Really Happened: Evee’s Story by JadeRowan Restrepo.

About the Book:

Evee recounts the unbelievable tale of her past to her young sons. She is finally forced to tell them the truth of the grave mistake that will never be forgotten. It is a burden that she will, not only be remembered for, but also live with for the rest of her life. Will her sons forgive her? Or will she finally lose the last of everything that she has lost throughout the years?

My Review:

I’m a huge fan of biblical stories ever since my dad read them to me as a small child. I’m also a huge fan of looking at them from different perspectives and comparing them to historical events. That’s what I found fascinating about this book.

The author takes the story of Adam and Eve leaving Eden and retold it from the possible perspective of Eve. Seeing it unfold as she bears the weight of her actions as well as her struggles with Adam and Lilly was fun and, at times, unexpected.

The twists on what we’ve heard or read kept the story fresh making this is by far one of my favorite fictional retellings and I’m looking forward to what the author has in store for us in the future.


In the Books featuring Immortal's Discord by Ron Glick

Posted by CP Bialois on December 19, 2014 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (2)

Good morning and welcome to this week’s edition of In the Books, featuring Immortal’s Discord by Ron Glick.

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of the ebook in exchange for an honest review.

About the book:

The threat raised by Tarinel's Song has passed, but the prophecy is still unfinished. Once more, the unlikely heroes of the Eastern Realms are pulled into the path of destiny woven by this centuries' old divination. With only two verses of eight fulfilled, great portent is now given to the ancient predictions, yet still none understand when and where the elements of the prophecy will come to pass.


A new dawn is coming to the Eastern Realms - a new God is destined to rise and a great tyrant is foretold to be defeated. But much must fall in the path of the prophecy, as well - including an extradimensional stronghold and even magic itself!


Can the heroes of Tarinel's Song be able to reunite in time to save their world, or will the prophecy's demands be too great for mere mortals to withstand?

My Review:

As a huge fan of Epic Fantasy, I love nothing more than seeing a new world unfold before me and to take part in the adventures of the characters. Much like Ron Glick’s other books I’ve read, Immortal’s Discord doesn’t disappoint. The storyline remains strong despite being divided into multiple angles and characters. It’s an easy thing to have the overall story become unraveled, but the author does a fantastic job of holding everything together.

I love to see authors add their own spin to a well-known genre, and the author has succeeded in adding a dimension to his Gods and Goddesses rarely seen outside of Greek or other ancient people’s mythology. We’re shown the true history of the Gods of the eastern continent of Na’Ril. Their history reminded me of the origins of Zeus and his siblings, which added an unexpected and enjoyable angle for me.

The characters are well developed and entertaining. The mage Terius finds himself caught in a web of intrigue and sorrow you can’t help feel for him, but the manner in which he is forced to deal with it brought a chuckle out of me. It helped that my favorite character, a Drow (Dark Elf), Amber, was responsible. I enjoy characters with a slightly darker twist to them and she offers that and more.

I don’t like to give away spoilers, and I won’t here, but the ending was both satisfying and teasing for what’s to come.

Author Ron Glick has become one of my favorite fantasy authors, and I can’t wait for book three.