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It's Poseidon Time!!

Posted by CP Bialois on September 28, 2011 at 6:35 PM

I'm hoping this won't curse me in any way but the day we've been working towards is almost here! On Friday September 30, 2011 Call of Poseidon will be released on and With a little luck the unfortunate delays we've worked through are over and we can begin the journey as published author.

I know, I said "we" and no, there isn't another writer involved in the writing of my novel. My wife has been my constant companion and helper during this endeavor. Serving as an editor, sounding board, and publisist (she likes to multitask) she proded my backside into action when I wanted to give up and crawl in a hole. Not eveyrthing she's done is behind the scenes, far from it in fact. While I've been working to format my novel she's been working dilengently on a pair of trailers for Call of Poseidon. Here's her latest creation and I must say I love it. I hope you enjoy both her work and my own. Enjoy! :)


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