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Life is a journey filled with stories

Q: Why did you want to become a writer? 

A: When I was a small boy my father used to read books like Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe and The Young Forester to me. The worlds the authors created were fascinating to me. Having a vivid imagination I was always play-acting the parts from the books or movies and wanted to create worlds like that myself. 

Q: Why do you use the Pen name CP Bialois? Where does it come from?

A: For the last eleven years I've been blessed with three pets that have meant a great deal to me, two cats and one dog. The cats were sisters that a friend of mine gave me named Potvin and Bialois. They were two of the smartest animals I've even been around. They listened as well as dogs and just loved to sit with me. The dog was an Akita/Black Lab mix I bought from another friend. his name was Casey and for all accounts he was my Old Yeller. Both Casey and Byby died a year ago and I thought it was fitting to work them in as my pen name. It's my way of remembering them.

Q: What authors inspired you to be a writer?

A. My biggest inspirations would have to be Stephen King, Sue Grafton, and Tom Clancy

Q: If I post a message am I required to join your site?

A: No. If you join and become a member it is striclty up to you. I will never ask you to become a member or spam you to do so.


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